Camp - Geometry Workshop

Two-dimensional figures

  • Identify and classify polygons
  • Name, measure, and classify angles
  • Classify triangles
  • Classify quadrilaterals 
  • Find missing angles in triangles
  • Find missing angles in quadrilaterals 
  • Interior angles of polygons

Geometric measurement

  • Perimeter
  • Area of rectangles and parallelograms
  • Area of triangles and trapezoids
  • Area and perimeter: word problems
  • Area of circles
  • Circumference of circles
  • Circles: word problems
  • Volume of cubes
  • Volume of cylinders
  • Surface area of cubes 
  • Surface area of pyramids
  • Surface area of cylinders

Pythagorean theorem

  • Pythagorean theorem: find the length of the hypotenuse
  • Pythagorean theorem: find the missing leg length
  • Pythagorean theorem: word problems



Price: $250.00

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